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Class Action Claims HP Printer Firmware Update Blocked Use of Third-Party Ink, Toner Cartridges

I am also worried that if XP support is no longer available from MS, whether my XP license can ever be activated in the future. At least Brother gave an option of paid support to upgrade firmware, but I’m not sure it’s worth it to haul the printer over, wait hours, pay money, haul it back. HP has built a firmware update to mitigate this issue and is communicating this proactively to customers and partners.

  • I have only received one report to date of any UK 2018 OLED owner still experiencing the issue with certain content after applying the update.
  • You will get the Printer Status Report’s Page after following the instructions above.
  • But the bodge has gone back to the client for the next couple of weeks until a new cable arrives and I have time to assemble it.

The orange light on my MacBook charger was acting funny, blinking, turning on for a bit and then turning off… seemed like there wasn’t enough power.. And it kept saying calculating time to complete charge. However, I was just wondering why this happened? It would be great if I could figure out why it happened to begin with as my MacBook is fairly new, only got it a few months ago and I would like to prevent it from happening in the future. It usually works flawlessly, but on some rare occasions, the MagSafe adapter is seemingly connected just fine but no charge is being passed through to the computer.

Check if Secure Boot is present for Windows 11

Cemu is a Windows application that can be run on the Steam Deck. Thanks to some clever tricks done by EmuDeck, it will automatically work on the Steam Deck — no need to configure Proton. When making adjustments to the Cemu app, you will want to do it in Desktop Mode so that you can see all of the menus. For most of the Wii options, see the GameCube section above, since they use the same emulator. This method could be done for any number of controller tweaks, like specific button mapping, etc. It is possible to add gyro controls using SteamDeckGyroDSU.

This happens because your computer reboots after the update for the new settings to take effect; if something goes wrong during the reboot, you could lose all your data. You should install the latest motherboard drivers whenever you plan to update your BIOS. The failure to do so could result in a system crash or loss of data.


Apple this week released the first beta of iOS 16.4 with a handful of new features and changes for the iPhone. Apple says the software update will be released to the public in the spring, meaning it will likely be available in March or April. Below, we have recapped five new features coming to the iPhone with iOS 16.4, including additional emoji, web push notifications, and more. The method described below will also enable you to check the model number, which may come in useful if the device needs replacing by Apple. And recently I found Al Dente pausing charging because the battery temp got too warm.

How To Play Switch Games on PC (Windows 10/8/

Even if you turn off the TV, the update proceeds. When you select UPDATE, the download and installation will start. On the upside, LG says the new remote will have NFC capabilities, so you can tap a smartphone against it to share content to the TV screen. And the list of voice commands for Alexa and Google Assistant has been further expanded in webOS 6.0. Incase while checking for updates, if you are getting a message no update available then it means your TV is current running on latest version of operating system. Once the installation of update is finished you will get a prompt stating your TV Software is updated.